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Nüsslisalat with Speck!

So one of the interesting things of moving out of the states, is having to adjust to different measuring units, different languages, and different ingredients.  I just assumed tex-mex and cornbread was universal, but i guess that was being a little naive.

This is something my wife started making and I thought I would steal it from her, considering she stole the salad dressing from her dad.  Another thing we can get here in Switzerland is Speck.  It isn’t really bacon, it is more like smoke cured ham.  The recipe goes a little like this:

1 package of Nüsslisalat. approx 300g (called Lamb’s salad or corn salad outside of Europe, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/398272 )

1 package of Speck (I think it would be great with bacon also, I mean, what isn’t better with bacon on it!).  150g

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 tbsp dijon mustard

pinch of salt (unless your are french, then you can use a few tbsps )

The salad dressing can be made ahead of time.  It is nothing more than making an emulsion (or suspension?) of the oil, vinegar, and mustard.

In a skillet start to cook the speck, feel free to add a bit of oil, it doesn’t hurt anyone.  I usually cook it over a low heat and brown it.  Using bacon, I would just make it how you like it.  Keep the fat from the skillet though, it makes the salad taste better.

Once the meat is done, and of course you have already cleaned the salad, place the salad in a big bowl along with the salad dressing and mix.  Dump in the speck and toss a few times to start wilting the leaves.  Serve immediately.

This is an easy dish to make as a first course because it requires almost no work.  I like it because it ends up tasting more like ham than it does salad, so it is a good way for me to eat my greens.

There is not much else you need to do to this, though a few crushed walnuts might be good.  Or more bacon.

Next time I will include a picture.

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